Nidhi Baindur

Rochester Institute of Technology

Nidhi Baindur, a second semester freshman in RIT's Science Exploration program, is a very active and engaging student. From her work as content creator in our office of Enrollment Management to being a College of Science Ambassador, she has begun her RIT career with a motivation to succeed and transform lives. Prior to starting at RIT, Nidhi volunteered teaching underpriviledged students and found a great deal of satisfaction in helping them learn and in recognizing her own privileges as a learner. This experience, along with a family that valued and prioritized education, has influenced her to continue in similar endeavors while pursuing her baccalaureate in Rochester. Once able to join in person, she has indicated her enthusiasm for engaging our local community while continuing to impact others through our rich global network.

Ellen Granberg
Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs
Rochester Institute of Technology

Personal Statement

Growing up in a family of teachers made me value education from a very young age. My grandfather always said that gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom but sharing it is the first step to humanity. Guided by my grandfather’s words, I joined Eli Africa, a local non- governmental organization as a volunteer teacher to help children - with little access to education. Every afternoon, all the children would come to a school run by the NGO, where I taught them subjects like mathematics, french and science. I helped the students one-on- one with their academic difficulties: something that was not possible in the large classrooms at school. This has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. It made me more cognizant of the societal barriers that might prevent other students from the opportunities I have received. Through the Newman fellowship, I will be able to collaborate with and learn more from other students driven by their passion for community engagement. I will gain invaluable training and resources that will guide me towards my goal of contributing to a world where quality education for all is a necessity and not a privilege

Nidhi Baindur
Physics: Class of 24-May
written 2021

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