Nicolette Epifani

Widener University

Nicolette Epifani, a junior at Widener University, is a Presidential Service Corps Bonner Leader committed to mitigating labor and economic inequities. For the past three years, Nicolette has annually completed 300 hours of service with our community, integrating her work on the ground with academic research on poverty and society, social activism, union organizing and more. Nicolette was a semi-finalist for Project Pericles' D4D letter writing challenge and participated in a protest for living wage for subcontractors at the Philadelphia airport. Nicolette is a trainer for her peers, building bridges for others to learn how to do service-learning in Chester, PA. Additionally, Nicolette works closely with community partners to build capacity in meeting community needs and assessment. Her passion is contagious and her potential for changing the root causes of economic inequality both on the ground and in the classroom as a future professor in unparalleled. She truly is a leader of change today as well as for the future.

Julie E. Wollman
Widener University

Personal Statement

The values instilled in me through my thirteen years as a member of the Girls Scouts of the USA has most definitely played a major role in my passion for civic engagement today. As a PSC/Bonner Leader, my fellow members and I complete 300 hours of service per academic year. At the beginning of my journey, I mentored and tutored students at the Boys and Girls Club of Chester and Northern Star Sports. During that time I declared my major - Sociology with a concentration in Civic Engagement & Social Change. I loved creating relationships with the kids. It is them who have taught me why we were born with two ears and one mouth - we should listen more than we speak. The idea of working with community members, rather than simply serving them, has transformed and reinvigorated my passion to make a difference. I currently serve as the Senior Intern for the PSC/Bonner program - conducting community-based research to establish the most beneficial relationship between Widener and our community partners. Beyond volunteerism, I am passionate about macro-level systems of change - by advocating for the implementation of a living wage through collective action at the Philadelphia Airport or writing letters to elected officials demanding the adoption of progressive policy.

Nicolette Epifani
Sociology; Concentration: Civic Engagement and Social Change: Class of 2017
written 2016

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