Nicole Clark

Southern New Hampshire University

Nicole serves as the leader for a program called Math Buddies, where SNHU Education majors spend time working with children whose teachers have identified them as needing additional math support. While it is certainly important to offer these children the support they need to be successful and provide additional capacity for the teachers to do their important work, what's equally important is that Nicole is leading a team of her peers to see what student support looks like at Beech Street; a school where 37 languages are spoken and many of the students are refugees who have been placed by the United Nations in our city. Nicole understands the transformative role education can have in a child's life and is committed to doing what she can to create opportunities for children, regardless of their parent's income. Many of our students request student teaching placements at schools in the suburbs, they're nervous about the thought of being placed in an inner-city school with high rates of poverty and food insecurity. Nicole is on a mission to change this. She knows that these schools need dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic teachers the most.

Paul LeBLanc
Southern New Hampshire University

Personal Statement

Service has always been a big part of my life since when I was growing up to where I am today. I am really passionate about education and working with children. On campus I work for the Center for Community Engaged Learning and I have had the amazing opportunity to work in local schools and non-profits to help make a difference in these children's lives. I am passionate about equal educational opportunities and college access. I am the head coordinator for Math Buddies where I lead a group of SNHU students at local elementary schools to support children who are struggling with math concepts and are at risk of not completing their education. This March, I will also be attending an Alternative Break Trip in Virginia to work with an organization called Beans and Rice. Together, we will be focusing on the issue of economic insecurity in the community. The group will assist in afterschool programs and food deliveries in the area as well.

Nicole Clark
Elementary Special Educaiton: Class of 2019
written 2017

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