Nickoliss Twohads

Bunker Hill Community College

Nickoliss Twohads is an outstanding civic leader at Bunker Hill Community College. He has truly made an impact in Boston through his activism. I’m inspired by the service Nick has provided the Boston community through his City Year AmeriCorps service. As an AmeriCorps member at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School he worked with 50 students supporting them with math and English Language Arts. Not only is his AmeriCorps work impressive, his community organizing with Boston Teacher Union’s Poor People’s Campaign, where he advocated raising the minimum wage in Boston to $15 an hour shows his dedication to the Boston community. His leadership involvements illustrate that he is an agent of change promoting access, equity, and success for all, especially those in marginalized communities. Nickoliss is an exceptional young person with a gift for motivating his peers to make lasting change in our community. I am proud to say Nickoliss is a role model student as he continues to embody BHCC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes of ‘contributing to community and civic wellness’ and ‘advancing justice and equity.’ I'm confident he will continue to serve his communities throughout his life.

Pam Eddinger
Bunker Hill Community College

Personal Statement

My third grade teacher inspired me to see that there is more to life than what appears. I am passionate about education and my community. Since 2014, I have worked for causes that are greater than myself. After graduating from high school, I was a community organizer with the Boston Teacher Union (BTU) and a classroom assistant at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School in Grove Hall, where I supported 40 students in math. As a BTU organizer I worked on the Poor People's Campaign that successfully increased Massachusetts minimum wage to $15 an hour. After this, I became an AmeriCorps member with City Year Boston, where I was luckily placed at Frederick Pilot. In addition to providing educational support, I helped raise $5,000 through fundraising events. Now at BHCC, I’m working on my Education degree. I plan to graduate and transfer to complete my Bachelors in Education and then apply to City Year’s Teacher Residency Master’s Program where I will work with students once again as an AmeriCorps member. All of these experiences inform my values and beliefs that the world can become a better place through when all are treated with compassion, respect and equitable.

Nickoliss Twohads
Education: Class of 2021
written 2020

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