Nicholas Fulton

Muskingum University

Nick Fulton, a junior political science major at Muskingum University, is an exceptional student, leader, and emerging public servant. A varsity athlete for the Track and Field Team, Nick has served as an elected member of the Student Senate, has chaired his fraternity’s Military Heroes Campaign, and founded the Undergraduate Coalition for Sanctuary. He serves as a Resident Assistant and earned a coveted place as a John and Annie Glenn Public Service Fellow. Nick’s deep involvement and commitment to making the world a better place epitomizes Muskingum University’s mission.

Nick demonstrates compassion, intentionality, and a social conscience in his endeavors on campus and in our wider communities. He leads by example, actively pursues opportunities to prepare himself for the challenges that lie ahead, and embodies a life of social justice and civic responsibility. Nick personifies Dr. Frank Newman’s belief in the power of inter-connected individuals to make a meaningful difference. I have every confidence that he will be an asset to Campus Comact as a fully engaged participant in the Newman Fellowship program, and that through this opportunity Nick will continue to hone his leadership skills, learn strategies to expand his impact, and deepen his sincere commitment to social change.

Dr. Susan Hasseler
Muskingum University

Personal Statement

As an undergraduate I have found a home and a responsibility to my University as well as the greater surrounding community. This being a result of experiences that have fostered my commitment to pillars or equality, involvement, service, and positive social change. I have grown into my role as a student as well as a leader being involved in campus organizations that would give way to deep meaningful relationships with advisors and peers. After my first year of undergrad, I was instilled with a sense of commitment and debt to the community that surrounded and provided for me. I became involved in the well-being of my student body as well as my locality; represented in admissions sanctuary work, the efforts of the John and Annie Glenn Public Service Fellows, as well as my interning with the Village administrator. This snowballing of purpose I have then been able to apply to a commitment to communities outside of my own, in reference to my experience as a legislative intern in Philadelphia. In turn, my college career has ingrained in me a permanent emphasis on civic engagement, that this community can forever be impressed upon by the efforts of one student.

Nicholas Fulton
Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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