Natanya Hernandez

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Natanya Hernandez is a 2019 graduate in Business Administration who is now pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Ms. Hernandez has been very active at SWOSU in many campus and community-based projects. She is also a member of the SWOSU President's Leadership Class where she has demonstrated exceptional leadership ability. Natanya has been committed to not only her academic pursuits, but to volunteer and support organizations as well. She has participated in volunteer trips as both an aid and translator working with homeless shelters, food pantries, and rehabilitation centers in communities throughout Oklahoma and around the world. Natanya is not only a committed student, but is currently serving SWOSU as a graduate assistant for our Multicultural Student Affairs Office. In this role she helps to develop programs on campus for multiculturalism and diversity. Her leadership role and ability to converse in several languages has made Ms. Hernandez one of our outstanding students on campus.

Dr. Randy Beutler
Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Personal Statement

As far back as I can remember, service was embedded in to my life and, consequently, became part of my nature. As I matured, I adapted to reflect both the world around me, and the challenges that marginalized populations face. Between my elementary and high school years I developed a desire to understand the cultural and developmental significance that individuals from marginalized groups experienced. I was fortunate to participate on several volunteer trips as both an aid and translator including working with homeless shelters, food pantries, rehabilitation centers, and other communities around Oklahoma and the world. I’m excited that I am currently working with Southwestern Oklahoma State University as the Multicultural Coordinator. This allows me access to students who may not feel empowered within their culture. I have developed programs and events that connect students to resources to support their pride in heritage, culture, ethnicity, and race. Building relationships with high schools in surrounding cities also provides me opportunities to encourage under-represented students to pursue an education that produces pride in their own accomplishments. It is a great joy to create these connections and see students and peers flourish when they are provided with opportunities they were never given before.

Natanya Hernandez
MBA: Class of 2021
written 2020

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