Nancy Hernandez

Carroll Community College

Nancy Hernandez is a first generation college student pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education at Carroll Community College. Her goal is to become a teacher, a passion made evident after volunteering at the Carroll County Head Start program. Nancy began this curricular service project with little knowledge of Head Start, but came away with new revelations and ideas to use in her work with children. Presently employed at the Goddard school, Nancy's volunteer hours at Head Start allowed her to use her native language to converse with the children, most of whom were Hispanic. This is important to Nancy since she values diversity and helping the other members of her community.

Family is also very important to Nancy. Even though she is busy taking classes, working, and volunteering in the community, Nancy still finds time to help her family manage a farm in Carroll County. Her passion for learning, leadership and making a difference in the lives of others has significantly impacted Carroll Community College and our local community.

Dr. James Ball
Carroll Community College

Personal Statement

Growing up as a Mexican-American, I am aware of the difference between immigrants and naturally-born Americans. When I speak in my native tongue, I am sometimes greeted with hatred and prejudice and this upsets me. This is my motivation for becoming a teacher and giving back to my community. I want to spread awareness about the diversity that currently exists in this country and the possibilities that can come from it if we learn to appreciate each other. By being more educated, we can break barriers that have been formed between us. Throughout my years as a LEO club member, I have participate in multiple food drives, volunteered at my church for celebration events, and have also spent time tutoring children. Through Carroll Community College, I have been able to volunteer at a local Head Start program as well as the National Association for the Education of Young Children's annual conference. They say it only takes one person to make a difference and I am determined to be that difference for my people.

Nancy Hernandez
Early Childhood Education: Class of 2019
written 2019

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