Najee Hunt

Adelphi University

Najee Hunt, a junior at Adelphi University, is a student leader who is actively helping create a diverse and inclusive culture on campus. As president of the campus organization Black Students United, he is passionate about supporting and mentoring fellow students of color. He has also expanded the organization's mission to include support of young people from the surrounding community, bringing high school students to the University's annual Black Solidarity Day and organizing a campus tour, workshops and a town hall for them. Among his many civic activities, he has worked at soup kitchens, assisted with clothing drives and served as a volunteer for the New York Miss Amazing Pageant, which provides an opportunity for girls and women with disabilities to build confidence. A psychology major and research assistant, he is committed to becoming a child psychologist, helping children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or who have undergone trauma.

Dr. Christine Riordan
Adelphi University

Personal Statement

I grew up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where violence and drugs were prevalent. My parents worked hard to remind me that I did not have to be defined by my surroundings and that I could rise up to excel and achieve my dreams. I internalized that message and made a lifelong vow to help those who are struggling. Once I arrived at Adelphi, I immediately joined multicultural clubs and organizations on campus so that I could meet people who looked like me, as well as lend a hand to other students of color who might need support. As the current president of the campus organization Black Students United, I continually strive to create new ways to get our members involved and to be mentors and role models for the younger generation. Outside Adelphi, I volunteer at soup kitchens, clothing drives and the New York Miss Amazing Pageant, which celebrates the talents of girls with special needs. As a psychology major and research assistant at Adelphi's Cognitive Development Lab, I am also preparing for a career as a child psychologist, with the hope that I can make a lasting impact on the lives of young people in the future.

Najee Hunt
Psychology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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