Nader Almadbooh

Swarthmore College

A BA/BS in Engineering & Astrophysics student, Nader Almadbooh ‘23 is a deeply passionate and engaged member of the campus community. What sets him apart is his community engagement both on and off campus where he blends education and technology for the common good. For instance, in summer 2020 as a Chester Community Fellow, Nader constructed a model for expanding computer science education in the City of Chester utilizing online code development environments and already-existing community resources. He also developed a comprehensive, web-based, and cost-free computer science course to support computer science education for Chester residents. Finally, Nader devised accessibility methods so that individuals could develop code through any device with internet connection with no need for costly software and collaborated with community partners pioneering in education, social change, and intrapreneurship to create interactive computer science programs and workshops for residents of all ages. In summary, I view Nader as a key player in the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders – able to apply knowledge to needs with keen insight, technological skills, and compassion while increasing access and inclusivity.

Valerie Smith
Swarthmore College

Personal Statement

I derive a lot of value and satisfaction from influencing people’s life positively. I am also very passionate about science and innovation. In middle school and high school, I was a student mentor, helping other students with their math, physics, and Arabic homework. During my junior and senior years of high school, I volunteered in a project researching modern education methods that involved around 10 schools. I designed interactive computer games to teach primary school students English. Coming to Swarthmore College, I became a Chester Community Fellow for the summer of 2020. I worked with the Chester Housing Authority alongside other community partners in the City of Chester to design a free online computer science course. Our course is designed to be accessible by literally anyone with an internet connection, regardless of the electronic device they are using or how much computing power is available to them. The course was meant to provide more access to computer science education to the community of Chester. In the future, I hope to utilize my knowledge in computer science and engineering to benefit the greater good.

Nader Almadbooh
Engineering & Astrophysics: Class of 23-May
written 2021

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