Nacho Montiel

Maryland Institute College of Art

Theresa "Nacho" Montiel is a first year graduate student in the Master of Fine Arts in Community Arts program at MICA. Nacho is a graphic designer, fine artist, and art director who is dedicated to impacting youth, community and society. Presently Nacho is serving an AmeriCorps residency at OpenWorks where she focuses on the articulation of OpenWorks' mission and improving access for local youth. Nacho also designs curriculum and teaches at this valuable maker space. She fundamentally believes that all have the duty to fight oppression and that her unique artistic background enables her to affect change in a variety of environments. Nacho's work focuses on normalizing society's changing values in a manner that creates a civil, just society for everyone.

Samuel Hoi
Maryland Institute College of Art

Personal Statement

"Our lives must be living examples of our politics" -- Bell Hooks

We all have a duty to fight oppression - the most heinous act of violence known to humankind. As a fine artist who evolved into a graphic designer and art director - and now a Graduate Student in Community Arts - I have experimented with many media as it pertains to visual communication as a catalyst for healthy social change. I feel graphic design and marketing strategy have considerable potential to "do good" by "moving the needle" towards social justice - by creating, popularizing and normalizing our changing values with great societal impact.

I utilize a holistic approach to my community arts projects: employing my advertising background, liberatory pedagogical knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, and artistic ability to solve problems towards social justice. I believe strategic marketing efforts and compelling design can affect change in politics, the business sector, and even create the future by educating and shaping today's youth into future leaders.

Nacho Montiel
MFA in Community Arts: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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