MyKale Clark

California State University, East Bay

MyKale Clark, a junior at California State University, East Bay, has been performing community service work with her parents since the age of six, and has a goal of one-day running her own non-profit to help others in the community. She is currently very active as a volunteer with both aphasia patients on-campus and the MedShare organization in San Leandro, CA. She is a member of the East Bay Pioneers for Change Program and helps supervise our Freshmen, who may be participating in their first service learning experiences this Spring. MyKale has strong advocacy skills, empathy and dedication. She hopes her passion for serving others will inspire change in the ways we work with homeless veterans and provide them medical support.

Dr. Leroy Morishita
California State University, East Bay

Personal Statement

At a very young age, my involvement with serving the homeless sparked my interest in speaking up for less fortunate individuals. In high school, I joined the Speech and Debate Team where I was able to develop valuable skills in using my voice for positive change. As a speech pathology major, I have a great interest in working with people who suffer from health issues related to communication and cognitive barriers. This interest has driven me to participate in various community projects, such as working with aphasia victims and veterans. In the past year, I have also dedicated a great deal of time to providing volunteer services with the growing homeless population in my community. In the future, I plan to create a nonprofit organization centered around healthcare and speech therapy for individuals. College has given me the opportunity to combine my lifelong passion for community engagement with my growing sense that I wish to serve, advocate, and lead through participation in numerous community organizations. As I gain more knowledge and experience, I would like to continue to be an advocate for people who cannot themselves get access to healthcare or other types of support.

MyKale Clark
Speech Pathology and Audiology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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