Moufidatou Adedoyin

Johns Hopkins University

Moufi Adedoyin, a second year student at Johns Hopkins University, is a Baltimore Native who has observed firsthand how systemic and entrenched issues of racial, economic, and social inequities affect her city and her fellow citizens. Since her arrival at Johns Hopkins, she has devoted herself to addressing those inequities through her advocacy and action, in settings such as her internship in the Johns Hopkins Community Impact Internships Program with The Child First Authority, a non-profit organization that provides recreational, cultural, and academic enrichment programs for Baltimore youth. Moufi has made a particular impact analyzing data and developing solutions for the chronic absentee issues that Baltimore City Public Schools face. Her understanding of the Baltimore City climate, as it relates to housing, education, food insecurities, and economic development, has enabled her to make meaningful qualitative and quantitative assessments and helped to demonstrate that the “absentee problem” is a public health issue, rather than a parental guidance one.

Ronald Daniels
Johns Hopkins University

Personal Statement

Growing up my parents always instilled in me the value of education and financial freedom because they did not have access to either. Throughout my academic career I credit my success to the opportunities and mentorship. This mentorship came from students in my shoes and made me want to give back. In high school I cofounded a mentoring group called SQUAD for underrepresented students in our accelerated math and science program because of the lack of support for students like us. That was my biggest accomplishment in high school and motivated me to continue to mentor students in college where I am a mentor in various programs on and off campus. I also gained experience working with the Child First Authority on a project figuring out the root causes of the school’s attendance challenge and solutions. Outside of education, I did an internship at a nonprofit focused on credit counseling and affordable housing. Now as an economics major, I hope to address not only education but also the economic problems in my community.

Moufidatou Adedoyin
Economics and International Studies: Class of 2022
written 2020

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