Morgann Dills

Averett University

Morgann Dills, a second year student at Averett University, has been a Bonner Leader at Averett University since January of 2018. From Bedford, VA, Morgann is a rising start on Averett's women's soccer team and is heavily involved in Averett’s Student Athletic Advisory Council. Morgann is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a focus on Special Education Programming and Curriculum Design. As a Bonner, she currently serves at Forest Hills Elementary School working to enhance student literacy skills and develop an autism awareness program and infrastructure to Forest Hills. One of her primary goals is to create sensory-friendly displays for all school hallways.

Dr. Tiffany Franks
Averett University

Personal Statement

My passion for advocating for students with special needs started in Kindergarten. I was placed in an integrated classroom with students that had physical, mental, and learning disabilities. As one of those students with a learning disability, specifically Dyslexia, I struggled alongside my classmates. I constantly had trouble learning, but one thing I did not have trouble with was making friends with students with or without a disability.

Today, my love for education has grown and I now serve through the Bonner Leader Program at Forest Hills Elementary School. My main purpose as a teacher’s assistant is to help create an environment that allows students to feel comfortable, safe, and confident to learn. Along with helping students, I try to give the teacher support by creating visuals, hands on activities, and large group work. As I impact these students' lives, I want to do the same with my Capstone project. I want to create an interactive hallway that captures the students’ attention and boost their interest in solving puzzles while going to class. This will be a great tool for teachers to use to keep students quiet in the hallway and prevent other classroom learning environments from getting disturbed.

Morgann Dills
Education: Class of 2022
written 2020

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