Morgan Barton

Carroll Community College

Morgan’s journey at Carroll has most certainly been non-traditional and transformative. Morgan is attending Carroll Community College for the second time after taking a nine-year break from higher education. She is a single mother who was raised by a single mother after enduring 10 years in a household filled with abuse. Morgan has overcome unimaginable challenges to pursue her dream to become an Early Childhood Education teacher.

Morgan actively seeks a leadership role in her co-curricular activities and volunteer obligations. On-campus, Morgan is president of the Early Childhood Education Club. She is part of the Lynx-to-Lynx Mentor Program helping fellow students who need an extra leg up. She was responsible for organizing a Domestic Violence Information Event and a showing of ‘No Small Matter’, a film that promotes how much the little things matter to children. In addition to academic pursuits and campus involvement, Morgan has spent countless hours volunteering off-campus. She has collaborated with a local charity to hold a Carroll Baby Diaper Drive and partnered with McDaniel College to launch a Head Start Sensory Room and Playground Initiative. All of her extensive service-learning undertakings have further enriched her academic experience.

Dr. James Ball
Carroll Community College

Personal Statement

I grew up in a household filled with yelling and abuse. However, it was also filled with support, pride, and what I like to call light bulb moments. Little sparks that show up when we finally achieve something after we have been struggling with it. I never understood them as a child. They were just times when my mom was overly proud of any small accomplishment my brother and I had.

When I became a mom, the meaning of those light bulb moments changed forever. As I watched my son, I saw how absolutely precious these moments were for him and me, even if he didn’t understand why I was so amazingly proud of him. When he was 18 months old, I became a teacher, and the light bulb moments I was able to experience exploded.

I have seen hundreds of light bulb moments, but I know there are more out there that haven’t yet been ignited. As a community, we need to find what sparks our light bulb moments and use them to brighten every aspect of our world. If I can give just one spark, maybe I can help someone else find his or her light bulb moments.

Morgan Barton
Early Childhood Education: Class of 2022
written 2020

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