Molly Danielson

Oklahoma State University

Molly Danielson is a sophomore at Oklahoma State University majoring in Business Management with an option in Sustainability. She currently holds a grade point average of 4.0 and was included on the President's Honor Roll for the Fall 2016 semester as recognized by my office.

Molly is a leader among her peers in both the Residence Halls Association and the Service Learning Volunteer Center. She is passionate about equality among all races, ethnicities and genders and strives to empower others to contribute something to society that is greater than themselves.

Mr. V. Burns Hargis
Oklahoma State University

Personal Statement

Since I was a child, I have desired to contribute something bigger than myself; since coming to college, I have realize the realistic possibility of doing so. Getting involved in the Service Learning Volunteer Center and Residence Hall Association my freshman year has produced opportunities to grow as an individual and have an influence on other students. Through the Service Learning Volunteer Center, I have logged over 110 service hours. I have participated in both community-wide and individual projects. I have a passion to fight for, provide for, and love those who cannot do so themselves and hope to spark the same mindset to others. Through my position in the Residence Hall Association, I have the ability to promote the success of students on campus; whether that is related to academic, social, or leadership skills. I work specifically with channeling the residents' voice and concern through RHA and the Oklahoma State Administration. I have a passion to present everyone with opportunities to succeed. As a business management student, I have served as a peer mentor through the Spears Business School. My goal is to inspire freshman business students to dream big and reassure them in their ability to accomplish their goals. My own goal is to become a top-level manager or executive in the business world. These positions are currently disproportionally held by men, and I hope to set an example for other young women to not settle for stereotypes or statistics. I have a passion to empower others to reach their potential. I would be honored to be named a Newman Civic Fellow and the award would invigorate my determination to follow in the footsteps of great leaders, such as Frank Newman, and leave my own impact on the world.

Molly Danielson
Business Management: Class of 2018
written 2016

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