Mohamed Mohamud

St. Cloud State University

Mohamed Mohamud, a senior at St. Cloud State University double-majoring in Social Studies Education and History, is active in addressing issues of social and racial justice on and off campus. His multiple perspectives, as a Muslim, immigrant, student-leader, aid him in his approach to working with others as they grapple with challenging issues. Mohamed is an active member of the Somali Student Organization and served as its President in 2014. Currently, as the Cultural Diversity Chair of our Student Government, and an Issues Specialist with the state-wide organization Students United, Mohamed has served as a leader for diplomatically addressing complex issues and bringing people together to discuss solutions. In the past year, he helped lead efforts for a racial and cultural understanding rally, and presented on an Islamophobia panel with me, the University President. Mohamed also served as a History Day intern, worked on a University Sesquicentennial research project, and served on a faculty-student panel on White Supremacy. Mohamed volunteers with local organizations and was significantly involved in local campaigns leading up to the 2018 mid-term elections. Mohamed is the kind of servant-leader we are proud to have represent St. Cloud State University in this capacity.

Robbyn Wacker
St. Cloud State University

Personal Statement

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about social justice. Growing up in a post-apartheid South Africa, I was thrown into a continuous struggle of anti-racist movements that has followed me here to the United States. I have been involved in helping individuals overcome and understand the complexity of racist ideas and how they lead to racist polices and discrimination. I took it upon myself to organize panel discussions where students and faculty would be able to address the social issues we face as a community. I have also organized rallies in which students of all races, sexualities and religions were able to unite as allies in the struggle for social justice and equality. I also took it upon myself to educate and motivate Somali youth at my local high school to pursue higher education. I have realized through my own life experiences that education is the key to solving many of our societal issues. I have served as a youth counselor at a catholic orphanage and a mentor at various high schools. I have dedicated much of my adult life to bettering my community and I intend on doing so for the rest of my life.

Mohamed Mohamud
Double Major: Social Studies Education and History: Class of 2020
written 2019

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