Michaela Shifley

Rocky Mountain College

Michaela Shifley is a student leader who has demonstrated a commitment to community involvement, a passion for social justice, and dedication to empowering others through my service. She is particularly passionate about American Indian social issues, which is why she taught on the Crow reservation, and designed a research project that enabled her (through sponsorship) to conduct research at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. Michaela wants to make people's lives better, and does that in a small way by serving as a mentor in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Michaela has pioneered a new direction for the student newspaper by not only increasing its readership substantially, but also by inspiring writers to investigate topics that are important to the RMC community.

Dr Robert J. Wilmouth
Rocky Mountain College

Personal Statement

I feel that civic engagement can be used as a tool to promote social justice and inspire change in the world, and I try to demonstrate my passion for community involvement by dedicating myself to a life of service. I've been particularly moved by the harsh social and environmental conditions that American Indian tribes face in today's society, which is why I taught financial literacy and leadership skills to girls on the Crow Indian reservation, and sought to empower them through learning. During my time as an assistant museum curator, I have written and received grants for the preservation of American Indian items, co-designed multiple exhibits, and started an education program to enhance learning and appreciation for different cultures. As the Editor-in-Chief of my college's newspaper, I'm able to bring important community issues to light through the written word, and I also serve as a mentor for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. Perhaps most importantly, my service has taught me that I can empower others through my own experiences, and that by supporting my community and advocating for justice for all people, I can play a role in shaping how my fellow humans understand and interact with the world.

Michaela Shifley
Major(s): Sociology/Anthropology, Business Administration w/ concentration in Management: Class of May 2016
written 2016

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