Michael Woo

Lasell University

Michael Woo, a member of the class of 2023 at Lasell University, has demonstrated a deep commitment to making civic engagement an integral part of his college career. He has been active on and off campus since the day he arrived. He is the Class of 2023 President, a Peer Mentor, Admissions Ambassador, Orientation Coordinator, Chair of the Lasell Votes Initiative, and is involved in numerous efforts aimed at supporting the overall improvement of student experiences at Lasell. Through his work with Lasell Votes, Michael realized that many students were hesitant to engage in political conversations, especially with those who do not share the same political views. Without hesitation, he decided to act by co-founding LU Listens, an initiative that will create a podcast aimed at facilitating campus conversations to bridge political divides. Beyond campus, Michael is an active member of the Rotary Club of Newton. He was selected to join the I AMesbury 2030 Task Force to work strategically with the Mayor of Amesbury and other city officials to engage the community in developing a vision for Amesbury’s next ten years. Michael has thoughtfully combined his academic learning and community service experiences. He has unlimited potential for positive impact.

Michael Alexander
Lasell University

Personal Statement

I have participated in community service throughout my educational career. Service has allowed me to connect with many different people and have a positive impact. In high school I served as Interact president from sophomore to senior year, working closely with the Rotary Club of Amesbury on community projects. In my leadership roles I am intentional about staying true to Rotary’s philosophy of “Service Above Self”. I work to understand the complexities within any societal challenge to best find solutions aimed at addressing the issues root causes. I enjoy bringing people together and supporting mutual efforts to advance the greater good. During my tenure as the Lasell Votes Chair, I guided our efforts in being responsive to the diversity of needs within our student body in order to meet students wherever they were in the political process. We set up voter registration drives outside of high traffic campus areas and pivoted to virtual options to remain accessible within the distance learning environment. College students have the ability to make meaningful contributions on local, state, national, and international levels through democratic engagement. I am committed to continuing to support my peers in having full access to their civic rights and responsibilities.

Michael Woo
Management & Marketing: Class of 23-May
written 2021

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