Michael Martin

Wilson College

Michael developed leadership skills beginning in high school with athletics team leadership and mentorship. He also has leveraged social media and communications in activism for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) rights. Coming out publicly on social media as gay while in high school launched him as a public role model and mentor for gay athletes. This mentorship is an important effort to help reduce homophobia in sports.

Michael was a member of the Wilson College team at the APPLE Conference, the leading training on alcohol and substance abuse prevention and health promotion for student athletes and athletics administrators. He is also a member of the Student Athlete Mentors group. He participates in Go! Athletes, a mentorship network to create safe spaces for LGBTQ athletes at the high school and collegiate levels.

His advocacy on social media helps to empower individuals and to help them find confidence that they also have a voice. Michael is majoring in environmental sustainability and plans in the future to work toward improvement in food production and food policy issues.

Dr. Barbara Knaus Mistick
Wilson College

Personal Statement

Within my lifetime already at 19 years old, I have seen many changes within society. I have also noticed that there is great opportunity to get involved in making and creating change where it is needed.
I defiantly do try to achieve every single day, to make positive social change and to inspire others. I believe I have made a great social impact in my hometown community and on the Wilson community for engaging for the LGBTQ community. I also make a world-wide impact with activism and support. Activism is the key to involvement.
I mentor LGBTQ youth in the United States. I give them guidance and hope that the world is a great place. I am getting involved with a world-wide mentorship program. In the near future I am also partnering up with soccer star, Robbie Rogers, in a homophobia in soccer campaign. I will try to make the biggest difference in LGBTQ soccer.
To protect basic human rights, I like to get involved in politics within the environment and LGBTQ issues. I lobby with others to help these causes in West Virginia.

Michael Martin
Environmental Sustainability: Class of 2019
written 2016

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