Michael Hollinger

Montana State University

Michael Hollinger, currently a third-year student at Montana State University (MSU), demonstrates student leadership by combating human trafficking in Montana, supporting those who are experiencing domestic violence, and representing the student body through Montana State University's student government. Michael is a founder of The HEART Initiative, a student organization dedicated to raising awareness about trafficking while actualizing solutions to confront it. Michael has united students, faculty, and community members from many diverse backgrounds to be catalysts for enduring change. From organizing a discussion panel attended by more than 350 people, serving as a member to an FBI affiliated task force against human trafficking, and co-lecturing a special presentation through Montana State University's Women's Center, Michael is committed to discovering solutions and motivating people to positive action against human trafficking. To aid those experiencing domestic violence, Michael volunteers as an advocate for HAVEN, a community organization offering solace, shelter, and hope for survivors of injustice. In particular, he is training for HAVEN's 24 hour crisis support line to answer calls from people in abusive situations. Additionally, Michael serves the campus community as a student body senator. In this office, he represents the student voice and identifies creative solutions that support students' educational experiences. Through these endeavors, Michael Hollinger strives to realize lasting campus and community benefits.

Waded Cruzado
Montana State University

Personal Statement

Looking at our society, there is both beauty and hope. Even in our most trying times, there is that spark that can ignite passion producing progress for a brighter solution. That is why I pursue a movement against human trafficking in the state of Montana. That is why I want an answer to domestic violence in the Gallatin County, and that is why I help to represent Montana State University's (MSU) student body. Each and everyone one of us has that spark to be a powerful voice for lasting change. It is my hope that by leading the HEART Initiative, other students and community members will feel the pull of that passion to pursue their own sparks to action. It is my endeavor to facilitate MSU's capacity to be a center for realizing dreams and accomplishing vision. And when I leave the MSU campus, I aim to utilize the lessons I have learned to keep my dreams alive and encourage others to do the same. Someday, my goal is to be an FBI hostage rescue operator protecting those who are being misused. And then, I hope to advocate for our Earth's environment for it too needs a voice.

Michael Hollinger
Political Science: Class of May 2018
written 2017

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