Meredith Ewen

Rollins College

Meredith Ewen has been committed to service from childhood. As a member of our Rollins College Bonner Leaders Program, she is called upon to realize her dedication to social justice, diversity, community building, spiritual exploration, civic engagement, and international perspective. Meredith has tapped her creativity and skills as a talented studio art major to focus her efforts on access to the arts. In her first year at Rollins, she developed an art program for a local nonprofit organization serving children and adults with autism and special needs; now, she is directing her attention to the program's sustainability and to increasing inclusivity in a broader context. Meredith is also an articulate advocate for the transformative power of service. As she has said, "It can give you a reason for being. It's not just about you. It's about how you use your education to make an impact elsewhere." Meredith embodies the values that stand at the heart of Rollins' mission to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership.

Grant Cornwell
Rollins College

Personal Statement

Engaging with my community through service has been a keystone element of my life since I was in elementary school. I first became acquainted with volunteering through my local church with an organization that gave families with special needs children a much-needed respite and provided their children with a day of fun. Since then I have volunteered with many other non-profits that focus on addressing the needs of underserved families, LGBT+ youth, and individuals with disabilities. Currently, I maintain a partnership through the Bonner Leaders Program where I serve as an art teacher, mentor, and friend to the participants at a local non-profit organization that serves individuals on the Autism spectrum. While serving at any partner, I strive to foster healthy and supportive relationships between myself and others so that we may work together to build strong and compassionate communities.

Meredith Ewen
Studio Art with a double minor in SWAG and Art History: Class of 2019
written 2017

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