Meghan Oxford

Rollins College

From the moment Meghan Oxford arrived on the Rollins College campus, she has modelled the way as a young leader. As a member of our competitive, four-year, service-based Bonners Leaders Program, Meghan has demonstrated her passion for building, sustaining, and renewing healthy communities. From young patients in a local hospital to exchange students from South America to Florida’s LGBTQ community, Meghan is a champion for advocacy and education. Hers is a voice for social justice, civic engagement, and how service can be used to create change. Our mission at Rollins is to educate our students for global citizenship and responsible citizenship. Meghan Oxford embodies the fulfilment of that mission.

Dr. Grant Cornwell
Rollins College

Personal Statement

Introduced to service and communities experiencing absolute poverty during my junior year of high school while living in the capital of Perú, I have quickly grown from empathetic to passionate about social justice work. Coming back to Central Florida for college, I jumped into service as a Bonner Leader at Rollins College, a philanthropic organization focused on fostering the abilities of students who wish to pursue social justice work through service. This program has nurtured my leadership and has led me to understand and address social issues alongside community members. Solidifying a passion for political change particularly for the immigrant and LGBTQ+ communities and recognizing the intersections of policy and social justice, I dove into political involvement. As the president and founder of the Rollins College Democrats, I have made it a point to collaborate with student organizations from across our campus and community to foster understanding and collective action. In the future, I plan to utilize these experiences and passions to pursue a career in addressing social issues through political advocacy.

Meghan Oxford
International Relations and Spanish: Class of 2020
written 2019

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