Meghan Murtagh

Merrimack College

Meghan Murtagh, a graduate student in the Master's Program in Community Engagement, became passionate about youth development while an undergraduate student at Merrimack College. At that time, through a service experience at the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club, Meghan found her calling. For over ten years since her graduation in 2007, Meghan has been committed to work with children, families, and communities, which has included leadership positions in after-school and recreational programs. Meghan is committed to developing her leadership skills so that she can make an even greater impact in the lives of children and families, with a particular focus on quality educational and enrichment activities, mentoring, social and emotional resources and support, and college and career access and opportunities. Meghan will achieve her goals through leadership, advocacy, and organizational capacity-building.

Dr. Christopher Hopey
Merrimack College

Personal Statement

My passion for youth development began my junior year, as an undergraduate student at Merrimack College. It was then that I volunteered twice per week at the Lawrence Boys & Girls Club, in the homework room and leading a dance class. I was in awe when I walked into The Club with its busy hallways, kids running from program to program, a packed gym, a game of dodgeball, full computer lab, academics and tutoring; but what stood out to me the most was the positive adults mentoring and having an impact on the youth. I have dedicated the last seven years of my career to youth development. I believe that we can prepare our youth to become strong influential leaders within their communities and to be successful in college, career and life by providing them with education, strong social and emotional support, enrichment opportunities of their interest, college and career awareness and mentorship. I hope to be a strong leader in the youth development field, creating a larger, more impactful legacy through social justice, education, fundraising, community outreach and advocacy.

Meghan Murtagh
Community Engagement: Class of 2020
written 2019

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