Megan Rogers

Niagara University

Megan Rogers, a sophomore student at Niagara University (NU), is a wonderful example of a leader. Megan has a history of volunteering her time to help others; she was a member of the Key Club throughout high school where she volunteered with many different organizations, including Habitat for Humanity. When she came to NU, Megan joined the Business & Organizational Leadership Development (BOLD) Club because she saw the opportunity to apply what she was learning in class to a real-life problem, that 1.5 billion people worldwide are infected with diseases transmitted through contaminated soil (World Health Organization). A key initiative of BOLD is the Sandal Falls project, which collects and cleans gently-used sandals to send to areas around the world in need of footwear. Currently serving as its secretary (and president-elect), Megan has assumed a leadership role with the club, recruiting volunteers, maintaining inventory, setting up service projects, and much more. She is also a critical player in a growing relationship between NU and Soles4Souls, working to incorporate a Soles4Souls travel abroad course to distribute the sandals on-site. While only a sophomore, Megan is already an established young leader and example to other students!

Rev James Maher C.M.
Niagara University

Personal Statement

The time that I've dedicated to the Sandal Falls project has been the most rewarding work that I've done at Niagara University so far. Relocating hundreds of thousands of sandals from the Cave of the Winds attraction in Niagara Falls to give to people who lack decent footwear is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Sandal Falls has been a learning experience for everyone. BOLD club members and I continuously work to organize and clean the sandals to get them ready to be distributed throughout the world. We also reach out to other students, encouraging them to participate in the project and informing them of the difference that Sandal Falls makes. We have made significant steps during my time working on the project, including: obtaining a standing partnership with Soles4Souls, a company that takes our sandals to countries in need of footwear; participating in a firsthand experience handing out sandals through traveling abroad; planning for another trip; creating a business plan for the project; and much more. The growth of Sandal Falls not only helps those working on it, but it also means that more people can obtain footwear and reap the health benefits and opportunities that come along with it.

Megan Rogers
Business: Class of 2018
written 2016

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