Megan Bahr

Gateway Technical College

Megan Bahr, a Professional Communications major at Gateway Technical College, is a student leader active on campus as a Peer Advocate, a founding member of the Latino Unidos club, and past college representative at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. Due to her student advocacy and perspective on privilege, she has been invited to be a panelist at the inaugural Wisconsin Conference on Race and Ethnicity (WisCORE) in 2020. Megan utilizes her privilege and power in the community while advocating around areas of trauma, incarceration, and social change. As an active member of the state board of March for Our Lives, Megan advocates for gun reform and bringing about an end to gun violence. Additionally, she has spent over 1,500 hours across the state of Wisconsin working with organ donor families and their recipients. Megan utilizes the arts as a medium for bridging social issues, activism, and collaboration, and volunteers with the Racine Theatre Guild. Furthermore, she participated in a 15-hour community organization and leadership training with Congregations United to Serve Humanity in which she collaborated in developing a campaign to facilitate face-to-face visits in lieu of camera phone at the Kenosha Correctional Center.

Dr. Bryan Albrecht
President and Chief Executive Officer
Gateway Technical College

Personal Statement

Being involved with the community and helping others has always been an interest of mine. I first started helping others when I worked over 1,500 hours for the local organ procurement organization. I traveled around the state and worked with donor families who lost their loved ones, and recipients who had just received a second chance of life. Afterward, I became interested in other important issues like gun violence. After volunteering for a town hall, I became aware of the important issues that many people face regarding gun violence. Wanting to do more, I took a state board position with March for Our Lives. I am very happy to be a part of the fight to end gun violence in America. Along with that, I have also become passionate about using my privilege in becoming an ally in the fight against racism. I attended the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education, and since then have been inspired to do more about the injustices many people face. I am currently the president of the multicultural club and the vice-president of the Latinos Unidos club on campus. For me, all of this is just the beginning.

Megan Bahr
Professional Communication: Class of 2022
written 2020

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