Meesha Trivedi

Florida Atlantic University

Meesha Trivedi, a junior at Florida Atlantic University, serves the community both on- and off-campus in a variety of capacities. Among these roles are: director of the Student Government program SAVI, and Vice President for Service with the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society. She is especially passionate about advocating for quality healthcare for impoverished young adults in the United States and abroad, where she collected over 2,500 articles of clothing to donate to patients' families after returning from a trip to India. She serves the FAU community as the Boca Raton campus SAVI (Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement) director; where she is able to create programs and services that create a spark that drives other students to discover their passion. Most recently, Meesha presided over the MLK Day of Service that featured over 200 students from the Boca Raton, Broward, and Jupiter campuses of Florida Atlantic University across eight sites and a variety of social issues.

John Kelly
Florida Atlantic University

Personal Statement

Our rickshaw stalling in a destitute sector of Delhi is the single persistent memory I have of a childhood trip to India. Pleading beggars approached, insisting their worthiness of what we could easily spare; my aunt warded them away. Since then, I've been unable to escape that suffering people are treated as an inconvenience rather than with sympathy. This harrowing recollection fortifies my ambition to serve those who are less fortunate. In high school, I traveled to India to volunteer in a slum's clinic. Upon my return, I collected over 2,500 articles of clothing to donate to patients' families. I will soon return to India to continue similar efforts. My dream is to establish charity clinics providing dermatology services to impoverished people in third-world countries. In pursuit of this, I am studying to be a physician as a member of FAU's combined B.S./M.D. program, with a minor in Nonprofit Management. Apart from my own aspirations, on campus I am the director of a student government office dedicated to advocating volunteer involvement. My mission is to enable students to be excited about the potential that they have for generating positive and tangible impact in their communities.

Meesha Trivedi
Neuroscience and Behavior: Class of 2019
written 2018

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