Maurice Brown

Onondaga Community College

Maurice Brown, a second year student at Onondaga Community College, is a student leader who has been instrumental in increasing student voter registration efforts on campus. During the past election year, Maurice worked diligently to organize numerous voter registration drives on campus that resulted in hundreds of students registering to vote. He has also dedicated the last two years to advocacy efforts with our state and local delegation to help increase public support for the college. Maurice is truly committed to continued civic duty through his role as a Sergeant in the United States Army Reserves, and would ultimately like to continue as an agent of change through service in political office.

Casey Crabill
Onondaga Community College

Personal Statement

I have been interested in bringing about social change my entire life. Growing up as a Black-American in Brooklyn, NY, I was exposed to social injustices from a young age. Recently, I realized I have the power to actually change things. I believe that the best way to bring about sustainable change is through the ballot. In the spring of 2016, I worked on Senator Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign, and we were able to do a lot of good as a part of the campaign. I was able to engage people in the political process by attending town hall meetings and speaking at campaign rallies. I believe we should begin by listening to people who feel their voices go unheard and explain to them that they must participate in the political process in order to bring about change. As the president of my college's Politics Club, I have organized numerous voter registration drives, registering hundreds of new voters. I have also accompanied the college's president to advocacy meetings with state legislators. Finally, I am a member of the college's Black Student Union which routinely holds fundraisers and visits local community centers to give back.

Maurice Brown
Communications: Class of May 2017 (Onondaga Community College); May 2019 (Syracuse University)
written 2017

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