Maureen Rendon

Southwestern University

Maureen Rendon, a third year student at Southwestern University, is a strong student leader who is active both on campus and in the broader community. She has interned with her State Representative, an immigration lawyer, and a member of the United Kingdom’s Parliament. On campus, she led two alternative spring breaks focusing on food justice and immigration. Throughout all of this civic engagement, she seeks ways to combine her two passions- political change and music. She leads by example and promotes collective action through education and raising awareness.

Dr. Dale Knobel
Interim President
Southwestern University

Personal Statement

Since I was a child, I was passionate about music. It has been central to my life as a pianist for 18 years, and I have always believed in the unifying purpose of music. My first concert was in Nuevo Laredo before I became a teenager, and the funds that were raised went to the Mexican Red Cross. I started to organize more concerts for charity purposes in my community, and my music became a unifying source for my community. Growing up, I wanted to do more than music, which is why I decided to double major with Political Science, learn about our political system and governments and institutions around the world, and how they interact with each other. I became a Site Leader for Spring Breakaway for two years in a row, advocating for food justice and for a fair immigration system. I lead two different groups of students on experiences to California, volunteering with organizations on campus, in Georgetown, and in California. I also interned in Parliament in London, assisting a Member during Brexit. I will continue to ardently advocate for unity to relieve political polarization and improve our community through my music and my work in government.

Maureen Rendon
Music & Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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