Maureen Albero

George Washington University

Maureen Albero is a member of George Washington University's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2019, majoring in English with a minor in Communications. Maureen was a leader as a freshman in Civic House, an academic residential program focused on service and community engagement. In that program, she had the opportunity to explore multiple pathways of service. She has been most involved in direct community service, supporting the capacity of community organizations, and community-engaged scholarship. She served as an AmeriCorps member with GW Jumpstart, working with preschoolers' literacy and social-emotional development. Most recently, Maureen is serving as an engageDC leader with Life Pieces to Masterpieces, leading other undergraduate students in their work with this arts and community-based program in support of African American boys and young men, ages 5-25.

Maureen has tremendous potential to be a lifelong civic leader. Her dedication to service both in her co-curricular activities and academic coursework demonstrates her drive to serve and advocate for others. She has clearly demonstrated her intention to continue to promote and support community and civic engagement, particularly focused on promoting equity and overcoming racism.

Dr. Thomas LeBlanc
George Washington University

Personal Statement

I first began volunteering in high school with my church's Midnight Run where we went to NYC late at night to provide food and clothing for those who experience homelessness. The more runs I went on, the more committed I became to the various social injustices chronic homelessness represented. Once at the George Washington University (GWU), my passion for direct service continued. My freshman year, I volunteered with Civic House, Jumpstart, D.C. Central Kitchen and Free Minds Prison & Re-entry Book Club, I became thoroughly immersed in service. My early involvement with Civic House encouraged me to explore all the pathways of service and levels of community engagement. Now, as an engageDC leader with Life Pieces to Masterpieces (LPTM), my foundation and knowledge of service has grown tremendously. Civic House and Jumpstart were more than service experiences as they both strengthened my commitment to community building and appreciation for peer collaboration.

Maureen Albero
English: Class of 2021
written 2019

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