Mathias Lemos Castillo

Edgewood College

Mathias is a second year student at Edgewood College, majoring in Sociology. He is a Community Scholar on our campus, providing service within the civic and campus communities. He maintains a strong commitment to academic excellence, and actively seeks opportunities to develop himself personally and professionally beyond the classroom.

Mathias is currently President of AL@S, Association of Latino/Latina Students - an Edgewood College student organization. In this role, he models the skills of a reflective and team-building leader who researches issues and best practices, includes others in deliberations, and supports his peers as full partners. He has a unique capacity to impact change: Mathias is a self-aware, soft-spoken young man whose outstanding listening skills coupled with his warm and respectful presence provide safe setting for respectful learning, communicating and engagement.

Dr. Scott Flanagan Ed.D.
Edgewood College

Personal Statement

Civic engagement has been part of my life for years before I entered college. I was never the type of person who did the hours to fulfill the requirement or just to stand out. I volunteered to give back to a community who had offered so much to me and my family. Ever since my family and I entered this country from Uruguay, we have been welcomed, helped, and involved by our community. This involvement has helped me grow as a person whether it has been through tutoring, mentoring, activism, helping out at local groups or in my school in general, I have always viewed volunteering as my method of giving back. I find community to be very important and it's through community in which we grow. I want to keep helping my community expand and grow in the ways it wants to and I want to provide my services and opportunities to those who are behind me or are in the same place I have been.

Mathias Lemos Castillo
Sociology, Spanish: Class of 2018
written 2016

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