Mark Leadingham

West Virginia Wesleyan College

Mark Leadingham II, a second year Math and Physics double major at West Virginia Wesleyan College, is a highly effective and dedicated student leader. Mark is a Wesleyan Service Scholar and member of WE LEAD (Wesleyan Engaging Leaders through Education, Awareness and Development). As a student leader, Mark strives to find solutions and innovative ways to further awareness of sustainable practices from recycling to vermicomposting to tackling the removal of invasive species. He is a regular contributor to community forums where he is able to connect campus service initiatives to local efforts focused on improving the community. On campus, he is active in student government and is an excellent student in his chosen fields. Mark applies an analytical approach to community engagement, listening intently to gather all pertinent information and then formulating a plan to move forward with the intent to implement effective and long lasting change.

Dr. Pamela Balch
West Virginia Wesleyan College

Personal Statement

Being involved is second nature for me; I thrive on being busy and contributing in any way possible. Whether it be at home in Maryland, or in my second home among the hills of West Virginia, I latch onto the community that I live in. There is always room for improvement-both in people and our surroundings, which fuels my motivation. Each semester at Wesleyan I complete community engagement hours through the Service Scholars program. This service takes many forms, usually anything from raising environmental awareness among college students to organizing donations at the Clothes Closet, a local thrift store. I have improved my communication abilities in regards to topics I am particularly passionate about, which is all due to the organizations I am involved in. My critical thinking and organizational abilities have excelled beyond my expectations because of the combination of my education and community service. I have been fortunate enough to meet and build relationships with the community members through Create Buckhannon meetings. I will take these skills with me throughout my career and my lifetime in hopes of impacting every region I encounter in a positive way.

Mark Leadingham
Math and Physics: Class of 2018
written 2016

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