Marjorie (Meg) Burrell

Bowling Green State University

Marjorie (Meg) Burrell is a second year student leader at Bowling Green State University passionate about student voter engagement. For the past year she has served as a Vote Everywhere Ambassador sponsored by our BGSU Votes initiative and the Andrew Goodman Foundation. Her commitment to this issue area stems from her belief that students' participation in the democratic process is a key solution to address critical issues in our communities. In her leadership roles she has collaborated to establish campus voter engagement goals, mobilized students to register to vote, educated other students about critical social issues, and facilitated other students' deeper involvement in the democratic process. Additionally, she has lead by example by being involved in high profile governance roles on campus, first as a Senator her first year, and more recently as the undergraduate student Board of Trustees member for 2015-2017. She has harnessed her platform to work in collaboration with her fellow students to affect positive social change and engage more students in the democratic process. There is no doubt that she will continue be a champion for student voter engagement and assist BGSU in fulfilling our commitment to produce students who lead lives of active citizenship.

Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey
Bowling Green State University

Personal Statement

There are so many issues that I am passionate about. Women's Rights. Sustainable Development. Children's Rights. Equality. The list goes on and on. I was lucky enough to enter college after a summer program at BGSU with the President's Leadership Academy (PLA). The PLA teaches servant leadership, and during my first semester at BGSU I was able to plan and partake in a service project with my PLA cohort. Since then, I've gotten involved with the University governance system. I'm committed to making sure that students have a voice within the University. BGSU is lucky to have Board of Trustee members that are committed to students, and I am humbled to be the one there to represent the students. Additionally, I've gotten involved with BGSU Votes and the Andrew Goodman Foundation as a Vote Everywhere Ambassador. We've been able to hold debates, register students to vote, and most importantly talk one on one with students about the importance of voting. Voter engagement isn't a glamorous cause, but it's one that needs attention. As I continue this important work over the next two years of my education I hope to influence younger students to get involved and fight for what they're passionate about, too.

Marjorie (Meg) Burrell
Political Science: Class of 2018
written 2016

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