Marisol Luis

California State University Channel Islands

Marisol Luis, a senior Biology major at California State University Channel Islands (CI) and current Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) student, has used her experience with adversity to instill hope of one day attending college in young students from similar backgrounds. Marisol's educational journey is heavily intertwined with service, stemming from underserved populations throughout California and even on a global scale in Mumbai, India. She continues to look for connections between a human spirit of giving and the scientific approach to wellbeing.

Erika D Beck PhD
California State University Channel Islands

Personal Statement

I have always felt a gravitational pull for helping others in whatever way I can. Experiencing poverty when growing up has pushed me to seek a positive change in the world. I always asked myself, "Why should I progress and not help my neighbor along the way?" That is why I started mentoring underrepresented, first generation college students for many years. But why stop there? I was lucky enough to participate as a mentor for high school migrant students from all over California and was recently a mentor for African American high school students as well. I realized that it was crucial for me to not stick with one program, but to become diverse and develop a sense of understanding with different communities because this nation was built on diversity.

Reaching out to these local programs has pushed me even further in wanting to understand obstacles faced at a global scale. Leading me to volunteer at a hospital in India and experience first-hand some additional social problems. That is why it is essential for me to continue to learn more and provide any type of service needed to address the challenges we face as a nation.

Marisol Luis
Biology: Class of 2017
written 2017

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