Mariia Shevchenko

Tulsa Community College

Mar believes that social progress can be made when members of communities come together, listen to each other, and respond with action. They work closely with the Terence Crutcher Foundation, an organization dedicated to “creating just and liberated communities free from racial violence and harm.” As a volunteer for this non-profit, Mar participates in Community Walks that canvas under-served neighborhoods to find out what kinds of healthcare, education, and infrastructure issues matter to them. The results are then used to propose policies that are relevant and meaningful to those community members. We need leaders like Mar who can do more than just identify injustices but who then go on to propose innovative solutions that respond to real needs. It is students like Mar that give us great hope in the future of TCC as well as Tulsa as a whole.

Leigh Goodson
Tulsa Community College

Personal Statement

The most important issue to me is wealth inequality. Tulsa is divided between North Tulsa and South Tulsa. North Tulsa is predominantly working class, and their education, infrastructure, and housing have been neglected. At the same time, the city government concentrates community projects in South Tulsa where upper-class residents tend to live. The one thing I can do is be a small part of a bigger collective organism like the Terence Crutcher Foundation, that actively fights to reduce racial and wealth inequality, in part by giving power to the people of North Tulsa through the Community Walks. Through these walks, volunteers canvas neighborhoods, asking the residents what issues matter most. Once their responses have been compiled, the Terence Crutcher Foundation can propose policies that respond to the needs of the community. Another way that I work to address wealth inequality in Tulsa is by volunteering with organizations such as DSA Green County and Cooperation Tulsa to create worker solidarity and create a community garden and center. Overall, my mission is to make life easier for working class people in my community.

Mariia Shevchenko
Electrical Engineering: Class of 05/2023
written 2022

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