Marie-Clare Ofoegbu

Stevenson University

Marie-Clare Ofoegbu, a junior communication studies major at Stevenson University (SU), embodies the spirit of the Newman Civic Fellowship by her efforts in challenging racism. She and two other students prepared and presented a proposal to support anti-racism on campus and addressed Stevenson’s faculty and staff at our semi-annual meeting in August. In doing so, Marie-Clare was well prepared and effective, and Stevenson is committed to continuing to work on this initiative. Marie-Care is also a Stevenson ambassador. She plays an important role as Stevenson’s single student representative with the Maryland Higher Education Student Advisory Council. She also speaks for the concerns of students as a member of the Maryland Youth Advisory Council and as a Baltimore Collegetown Fellow. On campus she represents all Stevenson students as a member of the Student Government Association. Marie-Clare regularly demonstrates her commitment to community engagement, and uses that commitment as a way to work towards change. Marie-Clare is a mature and thoughtful student who has earned the respect of those with whom she interacts. The Stevenson community is proud of her work and looks forward to her future successes.

Elliot Hirshman
Stevenson University

Personal Statement

It wasn’t until high school that I was able to put a face with a name when it came to the injustices that occurred in my community. I filtered my feeling of helplessness into speaking up for issues I was passionate about. During my freshman and sophomore years at Stevenson, I held a Student Government position where I was able to meet student leaders using their skills and talents to amplify the voices of those who were voiceless. Upon witnessing this, I knew that I wanted to provide a seat at the table to those who were not afforded the opportunity. Now, I serve on the Maryland Higher Education Commission Student Advisory Council and the Maryland Youth Advisory Council where I provide the concerns and perspectives of my peers to help find effective solutions. As a Resident Assistant and Baltimore Collegetown Fellow, I am able to speak to community members about their stories and changes they wish to see in the future. Then, I work with them to find ways to make their wishes for change a reality. I would like to continue to build my community up and create social change that unifies us.

Marie-Clare Ofoegbu
Communication Studies: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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