Maribel Hernandez

University of La Verne

Maribel Hernandez is a first year Business Administration student at the University of La Verne and has become an active student leader on and off campus. As a freshman student she has dove into leadership roles on campus primarily through the Latino Student Forum (LSF). As the Director of Community Involvement for LSF she also helps connect the students in her club to participate in community engagement. In addition, she serves as the Freshman Ambassador of the Associated Students of the University of La Verne (ASULV). Maribel's history of community engagement began as sophomore in high school and has continued here at La Verne. She has assisted in helping the university bolster services for our diverse student body, spoken on panels and shared her personal story of the impact of deportation on her family, and continues to engage in community service with her club and in her local community, especially around the issues of education and college access. She is a dedicated and committed young woman who is seeks the empowerment of communities and is moved to engage in long-term social change especially as it relates to issues of raising awareness around discrimination and prejudice against minority groups.

Dr. Devorah Lieberman
University of La Verne

Personal Statement

My parents instilled in me the importance of community through their own acts of generosity and service. I saw it exemplified in their lives and they helped me to develop it in mine. My parents, immigrants from Mexico, came here for a better life for their children and they introduced me to the organization, Neighborhood Youth Association, an organization that helps low-income students, like myself, academically and supports them to earn a college degree. I started off as a participant in third grade and in tenth grade I became a Youth Leader. Throughout my childhood, I was the one receiving service from my community, however as I became a young adult I knew it is my turn to give. At the university, I became involved in the Latino Student Forum, as Director of Community Involvement. Through a service-learning course in my FLEX program I served as marketing chair, where my class raised $2000 to purchase Christmas presents for the children at a local non-profit. I am confident that my leadership and involvement with my community will continue to expand for the rest of my life.

Maribel Hernandez
Business Adminstration: Class of 2019
written 2016

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