Mariana Lopez

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Mariana Lopez is a second year student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology earning her masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Latino Mental Health. In addition to Mariana being a full-time student at TCSPP she is also a certified yoga instructor and Advanced Living Light Reiki practitioner. Mariana's passion for yoga and Reiki has allowed her to teach both activities to residents at a predominately Latino income based housing unit on Chicago's Southside of town. Mariana began her work at this housing unit after hearing that many residents at this facility were experiencing symptoms of depression and unexplained physical pain. Mariana currently does breathing, chakra system and relaxation techniques with the residents.

Margaret Martyn
Campus Dean
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Personal Statement

My initiation into the field of holistic healing began because of my personal research, study, and application of non-Western healing methods such as Mexican herbalism, massage, comparative spirituality, prayer, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki, and art, to name a few. Post-high school, I desperately sought instruction and resources to expand my knowledge however, nothing was affordable or accessible. I learned that certain things where not accessible to marginalized and immigrant populations such as organic foods, mental health care, quality health care, yoga and meditation. Surviving several difficult experiences, I have cultivated an undying determination to share what I have learned with my community so that others do not suffer as I have. Currently, due to experiences shared with many of the members of my community, it has come to my attention that we are in a crisis in terms of elderly care. In many LatinX cultures, elders and senior citizens are sacred members of the community who house and share with our future generations wisdom and cultural knowledge and stories; however, they are being forgotten and isolated. I wish to promote healing and social justice through teaching and employing powerful yet gentle practices such as Reiki, yoga, and meditation practices.

Mariana Lopez
Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concetration in Latino Mental Health: Class of 2020
written 2018

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