Margaret “Meg” Harmon

Shippensburg University

Ms. Harmon has worked with the faculty at Shippensburg University over the past year and a half in a variety of academic and service activities. Meg’s level of commitment to societal betterment is top tier. One of our first programs for first-year students is our university’s Day of Service, which Meg enthusiastically embraced. Collaborating with her fellow students, she helped lead a team installing landscaping at a new trail-head along the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. Over the course of four hours, Ms. Harmon installed landscape timbers, cleared rocks, spread soil, and, completed work on a deck that provides ADA-compliant accessibility to a new museum along the trail. Since 2018, the new trail-head/museum complex has hosted thousands of visitors of all abilities, now serves as a focal point for revitalization for the area. Her efforts have helped lay the foundation for ongoing positive social change.
The university’s Day of Service and First-Year-Experience (FYE) more broadly had a profound effect on Ms. Harmon’s outlook on college and by the end of the fall semester she had made a pact with a group of friends to take action in addressing issues of inequality that they had observed in the local community.

Dr. Laurie Carter
Shippensburg University

Personal Statement

Beginning in high school, I have developed a love for helping others through teaching and volunteering my time to those less fortunate than me. As I progressed into college, I carried this call for service to help other families in my local community. While at my placements for my teaching degree, I got the opportunity to see first hand the need of students, some needing coats, and some school supplies. Everyday objects we take for granted, some students did not have. On-campus, I am the vice president of the Rotaract Club of Shippensburg, a club dedicated to helping the local community improve and become better through student community service. Additionally, I continually seek out extra service projects on my university campus and in downtown Shippensburg, where I can continue to help others in need.

Margaret “Meg” Harmon
Early Childhood/Elementary Education: Class of 2022
written 2020

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