Margaret Dunkelberger

Shippensburg University

From her very first weekend at Shippensburg University in the fall of 2016, Ms. Dunkelberger has been active in a wide variety of projects and activities, all while maintaining a very high GPA (currently 3.8). In fact, just after arriving on campus she volunteered as a Steward of Penn's Woods and assisted other students, faculty, and other community members in a trash and graffiti clean-up in the Michaux State Forest.
Through her leadership, she planned a very successful campus-wide Earth Day which demonstrated our campus commitment to the environment, sustainability, and stewardship. She is currently in her second year as President of that organization and helping to plan components of our university-wide StewardSHIP Week later this spring.

Laurie Carter J.D.
Shippensburg University

Personal Statement

Born into a family interested in the outdoors, it's only natural for me to want to protect the environment and resources I grew up loving. It is for these reasons that I'm driven to teach people about the environment, and the need to sustain our planetary resources for generations to come. At Shippensburg University, I find myself helping peers through tutoring and community service not only because they're requirements of the Wood Honors College, but because of my innate interest. As president of Students for Environmental Action and Sustainability (SEAS), I realized that there are issues on our campus that SEAS could help address to benefit our community and environment. Despite many struggles that first year and challenges owing to current anti-environment politics, I hope to not only continue to grow the membership of SEAS, but also hope that by working with the Environmental Steering Committee at SU, we can take action to further raise awareness and address projects that promote sustainable resource use, environmental justice, and other topics important for current and future students and our community. I look forward to developing additional leadership skills and ideas for how to engage others in changing mindsets and affecting positive change.

Margaret Dunkelberger
Geoenvironmental Studies: Class of 2020
written 2019

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