Maggie Galloway

Gettysburg College

Margaret (Maggie) Galloway is a visionary leader who utilizes collaborative synergy to address the root causes of social issues. Her focus has been on addressing the challenges of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and learning more about the human suffering that this conflict has caused.

Maggie is devoted to addressing social issues. She has engaged in public education, letter writing campaigns, completing petitions, distributing informational materials, and student organizing to increase awareness about public problems throughout the world.

Bob Iuliano
Gettysburg College

Personal Statement

The past few years have encouraged a growth of appreciation and understanding for the world around me. I have gained knowledge on a variety of complex topics, and quickly found passion anchored within many of them. Participating in Amnesty International, and learning about deep-rooted issues such as the Israel-Palestine Conflict, have encouraged me to notice the interconnectedness of the world. Each issue contributes to another, as war or environmental destruction give leeway to food insecurity and mass hunger. Comprehension of the systems map of the world is very important, and I recognize the importance of the smaller scaled issues. Tackling perspectives of others, addressing deep prejudice, and establishing calm solutions are all within the premise of every conflict within human society as long as each party is willing to discuss them. Breaking large issues down into smaller topics allows for easier understanding and compassion necessary for ensuring positive change. My experience with communication and analytical skills enable me to approach many topics and comprehend the depth of the situations. I have immense passion for this field, and hope that I can continue to develop these abilities over my remaining years in college.

Maggie Galloway
Liberal Arts and Sciences: Class of 2022
written 2020

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