Magdalene Anima Asare

Cottey College

Before leaving for college in the United States, Magdalene Anima Asare was asked by her father, “What is your purpose in life?” After some thought, she concluded she had a passion for healthcare and servant leadership. Upon her arrival at Cottey College, Ms. Asare immediately became involved in volunteer activities, both on and off campus. She worked with a community-wide project to assist people in need with home and yard maintenance, she assisted at a national park during a government shut-down, she volunteers as a peer tutor in Chemistry and College Algebra, she has served as a summer workshop counselor for high school students, she participated in MLK Day of Service, and she is a college ambassador. Currently, Ms. Asare has completed training as a hospice volunteer and is Vice President of Service for Phi Theta Kappa. In her leadership roles, Ms. Asare has helped plan roadside clean-up days, assisted with cultural research for conference presentation, and worked as a college intern to create and update electronic forms. Ms. Asare intends to take her servant leadership skills back to her home country of Ghana in order to create better healthcare access for rural women and children.

Dr. Jann Weitzel
Cottey College

Personal Statement

While living in my home country, I observed that some people - especially children and women who lived in the rural areas- had limited access to healthcare. People frequently ended up losing their lives from curable diseases due to the distance delay in reaching proper healthcare services. This placed a heavy burden on me with unreachable answers on what I could do as a change-maker in my country. Through my determination to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Health and Biomedical Sciences at Cottey College, I have obtained some answers on how to be an active member in my country and community. Taking classes such as Social Justice and Civic Engagement has enlightened and instilled in me a robust idea about advocacy and social justice. Accepting an active role as the vice-president for service in Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and participating in volunteer opportunities on-campus and within the community has increased my passion to be an agent of change. Therefore, I am now working towards my future goal of building hospitals in the rural areas of my country. These hospitals will provide affordable and accessible healthcare to save precious lives, because all lives are important no matter where they live.

Magdalene Anima Asare
Health and Bio-Medical Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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