Madelaine Tesori

Weber State University

Madelaine Tesori, a junior political science and communication student at Weber State University, assists Utah residents who face addiction. Madelaine is a student leader, active in seeking to stop the progressive disease of addiction early. She is one of WSU's finest community engaged students, who is well on her way to becoming a civically minded professional. She understands how to take a holistic approach to addressing issues of public concern through service, democratic engagement and community research.

Charles Wight
Weber State University

Personal Statement

I was born with an extreme amount of compassion, and have always been passionate about helping others. I was not always sure where my purpose was, but the loss of a dear friend, due to a drug overdose, led me to question everything I knew about addiction. I met others who lost loved ones, and my purpose suddenly became clear, I would become an advocate for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Weber State University and S.J.S, the non-profit I volunteer with, have shown me how and where I can make the biggest impact on lives, and have given me a foundation on which to strengthen the skills needed to pursue my dreams. My mission in life is to become the voice for the suffering and the ones, who like my friend, no longer have a voice at all. Through all of my research it has become clear that addiction is the root cause of many other social issues. It is obvious to me that if you want to make a huge difference, one that also impacts other areas in the community, you have got to go to the root cause of the problem.

Madelaine Tesori
Political Science: Class of 2017
written 2016

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