Mackenzie Damon

Indiana University Kokomo

Mackenzie Damon is a senior at Indiana University Kokomo majoring in History and Political Science with an interest in public policy. Mackenzie has been very involved in student life and other volunteer opportunities while on campus. IU Kokomo's Dean of Students notes that she has "developed a passion for working in higher education", and is looked upon as a change-agent who will go on to accomplish great things. Mackenzie is a civically engaged person, having led the formation of the Young Republicans Club on campus, served as a volunteer for a candidate in the city's most recent mayoral race, and has served as an intern for the Indiana GOP. Mackenzie is also an active leader on campus: she is a member of the Student Government Association, and is the Chair of the Student Union Board. She is a student worker in IU Kokomo’s Career and Accessibility Center and works closely with the Indiana Kids Grant; a program that provides free tutoring and mentoring to students in grades 6-12. With her interest in higher education and policy, she has a bright future ahead of her as a leader and change-agent who will be a benefit to her community and state.

Dr. Susan Sciame-Giesecke
Indiana University Kokomo

Personal Statement

As a current student leader within Student Union Board, Student Government, and Career Center Council, I strive to keep student engagement and satisfaction at the forefront of everything I do. I continue to commit myself to bettering the student body at Indiana University Kokomo. I do this through creating new programmatic efforts to meet the needs of our students, keeping a pulse on student satisfaction, and making sure that on and off campus, individuals can assemble around their beliefs and passions. I aspire to be a community leader, either in Kokomo or abroad, and believe my current and future education, as well as this opportunity will set me up to achieve and accomplish great things. I would like to continue to be a change agent for my peers and strive to be an effective leader that can support, build relationships, and foster the community in which I serve. I have always sought to learn from experiences and never take an opportunity for granted. From this fellowship, I hope to gain better skills to continue developing myself in and outside the classroom and bring my experiences full circle to be a well-rounded advocate, professional, and leader.

Mackenzie Damon
Political Science: Class of 2022
written 2020

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