Lyndsey Phillips

Central Methodist University

In her own words, Lyndsey Phillips has "always been the girl who loves helping others." In her time at Central Methodist University, Lyndsey, a dual major in English and Theatre, has devoted herself to service and leadership. She holds leadership positions in several campus groups, including service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, an organization for which she currently serves as president. Lyndsey has donated her time to a long list of causes both local (library book drives; volunteering at the food pantry) and national (fundraising for causes like the American Heart Association, Red Cross, and The Children's Miracle Network). Perhaps the group that best reflects Lyndsey's approach to creating positive social change is The Interactors, a theatre troupe dedicated to promoting healthy relationships on campus. Lyndsey and The Interactors visit classrooms and campus groups to perform scenes depicting potentially abusive relationships. They then lead a series of activities and discussions in which the audience is asked to reflect on the causes and consequences of the behaviors depicted in the scene. With the Interactors, as with so many of her other endeavors, Lyndsey seeks to address social issues by using creativity and guided reflection to promote personal responsibility and positive social change.

Dr. Roger Drake
Central Methodist University

Personal Statement

As a kid, I remember seeing other children my age covered in bruises. At the time, I didn't realize what it was, but as I got older I began to realize that the children I knew had been abused. This became one of the main reasons I wanted to help both children and abuse victims. At age sixteen I became a camp counselor and showed children the joys of using art to express themselves. I strived to make this a safe environment since at least some of the children I was with were in abusive households. I wanted to bring awareness to the fact that men, women, and children are abused daily physically, emotionally, and sexually. My freshman year of college, we started a group called The Interactors. Through this group we were able to help young adults understand the seriousness of abuse and how to get help if they find themselves in such an event. This continued to fuel my desire to help victims. I continued to raise money and awareness for abuse victims. Through my work I have become a leader and gained some very valuable skills that I plan to use as I continue to raise awareness.

Lyndsey Phillips
English and Theatre: Class of 2017
written 2016

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