Lydia Albert

Florida Atlantic University

Lydia Albert, a sophomore at the Florida Atlantic University Honors College, is a passionate student leader advocating for sustainability efforts and global awareness. Over the past year she has been involved with Student Government, the Loggerhead Marine Life Center and American Bee Project. During her time spent at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center she was able to assist in the releasing of multiple sea turtles back into the ocean and conduct workshops to educate the local community about the importance of ocean and marine life conservation. Her contribution to the American Bee Project involves conducting research in bee behavior and pollution patterns to later present to local and state governments who oversee land management. She is currently working on her next project with professors and researchers in developing ideas to make her campus more sustainable and environmentally friendly. A few of her ideas include: replacing Styrofoam products with biodegradable ones, creating an app for dining hall services to reduce food consumption and waste, and inventing a product that can scan an item to identify whether it is recyclable or not. She hopes to implement these ideas successfully and effectively before she graduates in the Spring of 2019.

John Kelly
Florida Atlantic University

Personal Statement

Ever since an early age, I have been intrigued by the environment. When I was admitted into the Florida Atlantic University Honors College I wanted so passionately to get involved in social issues and social change. In my first year I committed my time and energy to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center where I assisted in the care and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles and advocating for the conservation and restoration of our beautiful oceans. Transitioning into my sophomore year, I became involved with the American Bee Project whose mission is to help bee keepers rebuild and strengthen their bee colonies by partnering them with landowners who have suitable vacant land. Bee colonies assist in the pollination of approximately one third of American crops and unfortunately, are in a critical population decline. My research with the American Bee Project includes studying bee behavior to create more efficient bee colonies and to advocate for the use of bee colonies over other crops and cattle because of their ability to keep our Florida ecosystems pristine and healthy. The American Bee Project has motivated me to continue to advocate for sustainable efforts and conservation of biodiversity.

Lydia Albert
Biology: Class of 2019
written 2017

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