Luna Shen

Middlebury College

Luna Shen, a junior at Middlebury College is a student leader active in addressing issues of poverty and housing access. During her time as a student she has been involved in the Privilege & Poverty academic cluster including coursework and an internship with a local non-profit, Charter House Coalition. Luna is interested in food studies and in the future hopes to address issues surrounding food sovereignty and food justice.

Laurie Patton
Middlebury College

Personal Statement

Before coming to Vermont, I lived in Beijing, China for most of my life. I saw economic and opportunity disparities in my community. From an early age my mom brought me with her to volunteer at social justice organizations, including a vocational school for children from impoverished migrant families. While in China, I was actively aware of my position as an expatriate with many privileged identities, especially in contrast to the humanitarian spheres I volunteered in. Now living in Vermont as a college student, I am once again an "outsider" in my community. Through continuous reflection on my position within various communities, I have found that the way I can make a positive social impact is by working alongside community members to address the needs they believe are most critical. Since coming to college in Vermont in 2016, I have been volunteering with a local shelter/coalition that tackles home and food insecurity. Additionally, I am passionate about enthusing my peers to immerse themselves in their community through participating in addressing community needs.

Luna Shen
Human Ecology: Class of May 2020
written 2018

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