Lizabelt Avila

New College of Florida

Lizabelt Avila, a second-year student at New College of Florida, is an international and area studies/philosophy major. A dedicated and caring student, she has served in several leadership roles including as membership director for Model UN, the international studies representative on the student government's Council of Academic Affairs, and as a member of the Community Board, the college's judicial review board. She has earned the respect of her peers and faculty due to her strong work ethic, positive attitude and endearing personality. Liz plans to study abroad in Fall, 2016 at The Hague, taking courses in human rights law, global citizenship, and equality before returning to New College to complete her baccalaureate thesis.

Dr. Donal O'Shea
New College of Florida

Personal Statement

In my high school, students were rewarded after acquiring over 300 hours of community service. It was considered an honorable recognition, and I was a recipient. However, as my senior year approached, I realized that the beautiful ceremony was, in a way, empty. It was an incredibly competitive academic setting which incorporated instrumental value to the experience of volunteering; the purpose being to obtain such a prestigious award. It was clear to me that although a lack of action perpetuates social issues, engaging in their termination must always be done for their own sake. I remind myself of this every time I perform a service for the community. My involvement revolves around informing others, as misinformation is at the core of social issues. I have worked on political campaigns with Grassroots Campaigns and volunteered for New Acropolis, an international organization that seeks to solve world issues through understanding how to better ourselves. I also inform my peers by speaking of world issues as director of membership at our Model UN chapter, educated students about their rights as a member of the Community Board, and provided information about school resources as a member of the Resource Committee of our student government.

Lizabelt Avila
International Studies/Philosophy: Class of 2018
written 2016

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