Lauren Spence

The University of Kansas

Lauren Spence, a second year student at the University of Kansas, leads and inspires others to engage with the broader community through creative communication strategies. A photographer and videographer, she strives to shed light on pressing social issues, document meaningful community efforts, and tell stories that might not otherwise be told. Lauren is currently working to create communication strategies for two organizations- the KU chapter of the Student United Way and the Lawrence Humane Society. Through her work, each organization will gain a strong sense of brand identity with which they can more effectively promote community engagement and service. Lauren's leadership style encompasses compassion, creativity, motivation, and connection.

Dr. Douglas Girod
The University of Kansas

Personal Statement

“As a public problem solver, I approach my work through creative avenues that aim to inspire others to do united good. In my second year of studying strategic communication and sociology, I seek out projects that allow me to combine my passions for creative production and societal equity. By addressing social issues through video, photography, and other creative mediums, I have the opportunity to change the trajectory of how people think about social issues and motivate action. I work to better my community through sharing stories, urging ethical service, and encouraging compassion. I have demonstrated this commitment through my work as a photographer in a TRIO first-generation student program, as the videographer for Camp Kesem, as the photographer for the Lawrence Humane Society, and as the communications director of KU’s Student United Way chapter. These experiences have shown me communication as a means of distributing information that will encourage us to build a better world. I strongly believe that creative, ethical, truthful communication is the answer to innovative and collaborative community work.”

Lauren Spence
Sociology, Strategic Communications: Class of 2022
written 2020

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