Lauren Morimanno

Florida Gulf Coast University

Lauren Morimanno, a Community Health major at Florida Gulf Coast University, is a student leader active in issues of disability services. She works closely with local non-profits such as the Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled (FDD) and Lee and Collier County Life Skills and Exceptional Student Education departments. Lauren demonstrates her passion for individuals with disabilities through her empathetic spirit and weekly and biweekly service with FDD baseball league, tutoring sessions with a student with Down syndrome, the Deaf Department at Allen Park Elementary, and the Quality Life Center. As an FGCU Service Ambassador for Disability Services, through the Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, she engages FGCU students in large-scale service and advocacy events focused on bringing positive awareness for people with disabilities, while strengthening campus and community partnerships. Lauren is currently on the Board of Directors for the Connection Coalition of Southwest Florida, a non-profit organization that evaluates services currently available for people with disabilities and discusses present and future needs for this population. Lauren finds great joy in seeing others grow and find their passions through service.

Dr. Wilson G. Bradshaw
Florida Gulf Coast University

Personal Statement

I am passionate about working with and advocating for people with disabilities. By building relationships with people with disabilities, others can begin to see these individuals through a different lens. To create these opportunities, I became a Service Ambassador for Disability Services at Florida Gulf Coast University. In this position, my co-ambassador and I organize large-scale events that buddy-up FGCU students with high school students and young adults with disabilities. I also serve weekly with Jack,a student with Down Syndrome and the Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled Baseball Team. To advocate for these individuals, I serve as a Board Member for the Connection Coalition, a non profit organization that evaluate services and future opportunities for people with disabilities. My desire is to use the knowledge that I gain from my education, service experiences, and advocacy work to open a Christian-based facility for people with disabilities. It is my dream to give others opportunities to see their own worth, beauty, and talents become a reality.

Lauren Morimanno
Community Health: Class of 2018
written 2016

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