Laura Rativa

Southwestern University

Laura Rativa, a third year student at Southwestern University, is actively involved both in her local community, as well as on-campus. Since high school, she has volunteered with Georgetown nonprofit organizations to empower youth in education, eradicate youth homelessness, and promote college access. As the president of College Republicans, she collaborated with the president of college Democrats to increase voter registration, participation, and informed engagement. After graduation, Laura hopes to enter law school and continue to work in social change initiatives

Dr. Edward Burger
Southwestern University

Personal Statement

I am passionate about law, leadership, and service. I learned the importance of civic engagement and common good at a young age. Both of these interests are integral to my philosophy of servant leadership. At the age of fifteen, I volunteered at Justice of the Peace Teen Court under Judge Gravell and learned about children at risk and social justice. As I got older, I pursued my interest in social justice and have been driving voter registration and voting rights. Voting is a fundamental right we all have and an important duty in our society as citizens of the world. I have learned by experience that there are a lot of motivated people that want to create change in the world. Most recently, as president of SU's College Republicans, I worked closely with president to address the importance of voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections. My off-campus experience includes working with US Congressman Carter, Judge Stacy Matthews, Judge Bill Gravell, and the State of Texas, Williamson County Elections Office. I am also actively engaged in campus collaborations and have contributed over 2000 hours of service to my community in order to foster long term social change.

Laura Rativa
Political Science and Communication Studies: Class of 2020
written 2019

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